will Anti-Inflammatory Medications for Pain reliever help?…?

will Anti-Inflammatory Medications for Pain reliever help?…?

I’m 25 y.o. i don’t have money to see a doc. I have a sharp pain in left upper side of my body for 5months without any break.

most of the time it’s like a huge hole close to the shoulder. I can’t lye down on the back or left side. i’m always tired. even though it’s a muscle problem can Anti-Inflammatory Medications for Pain reliever help?…

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Answer by Danelle G
First of all, most places will not turn you down if you say you don’t have enough money to visit a doc. Second of all, internet costs money, so I’m surprised you can’t manage to find any money available for something this important! For 5 months, you REALLY need to see a doc because this is important. Go to ER if you have too!

If it is a muscle problem, an anti inflammatory like ibuprofen can be helpful, but they are usually not intended to be used as the only treatment for severe or debilitating pain. Take two extra strength as the bottle recommends. even though you are truly and majorly broke, I would suggest going to the drug store and asking your pharmacist. They can not diagnose you but they have so much experience in medications (way more than dr’s) so they could give you better advice than anyone on here. By the way, their advice is free… so good luck!

I just wanted to say one more time that working in the nursing field has taught me that pain like this for 5 months IS a BIG deal and you really need to make seeing a doc your number 1 priority. It might not be anything, but it could be. And it is affecting your life, so get on that… be a mooch and borrow some money from someone.
Good luck!

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  1. Yes they should help. You should also try icing the area. Keep in mind though, that if you are in too much pain the dosage may not be high enough. It will lessen the pain but it may not get rid of it completely. It also doesn’t solve the cause of the pain, only the symptom. Try looking for a free clinic in your area. It would suck if what you had wasn’t just an injury and was instead cancer or something.

    Also, to the above responder: Just because this person went on the internet doesn’t mean they paid for it. They could have gone to a library or college campus and gotten internet for free. Also, paying for the internet is much cheaper than paying for a doctor. Be nice.

  2. Yes, it can help, but it may not relieve the pain completely.
    Try taking 800mg of ibuprofen every 8 hours. Make sure you take it with plenty of water and with food, to help your stomach stay OK.

    I also suggest that you google upper back body stretching, and see if that helps, or try doing some very gentle and basic yoga. Getting those muscles moving is important because they are probably frozen in place from you “guarding” aorund the pain. Stiff muscles cause just as much pain as the place of the pain itself. Before you try stretching or doing yoga, take your ibuprofen, let it work for about 30 minutes, then do one set of a few exercises(to start with), then take a hot bath/shower/use a heating pad, drink a lot of water to flush out the lactic acid that has built up in your muscles.

    Now, if that routine doesn’t help with your pain after a few weeks, GET t a doctor, regardless of not having insurance; you may have something that really needs treatment.

    I hope that you get better with ibuprofen, heat, stretching or yoga and time. Good luck

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