Causes of all kinds of headaches?

what causes All kinds of Headache?

what causes All kinds of Headache? and what are the different types of All kinds of Headache and their similarities and differences?

Your headache symptoms can help your doctor determine its cause and the appropriate treatment. Most headaches aren’t the result of a serious illness, but some may result from a life-threatening condition requiring emergency care.

Headaches are generally classified by cause:

Primary headaches

A primary headache is caused by overactivity of or problems with pain-sensitive structures in your head. A primary headache isn’t a symptom of an underlying disease.

Chemical activity in your brain, the nerves or blood vessels surrounding your skull, or the muscles of your head and neck (or some combination of these factors) can play a role in primary headaches. Some people may also carry genes that make them more likely to develop such headaches.

The most common primary headaches are:

    1. Cluster headache
    2. Migraine
    3. Migraine with aura
    4. Tension headache
    5. Trigeminal autonomic cephalalgia (TAC), such as cluster headache and paroxysmal hemicrania

A few headache patterns also are generally considered types of primary headache, but are less common. These headaches have distinct features, such as an unusual duration or pain associated with a certain activity.

Although generally considered primary, each could be a symptom of an underlying disease. They include:

  1. Chronic daily headaches (for example, chronic migraine, chronic tension-type headache, or hemicranias continua)
  2. Cough headaches
  3. Exercise headaches
  4. Sex headaches

Some primary headaches can be triggered by lifestyle factors, including:

  1. Alcohol, particularly red wine
  2. Certain foods, such as processed meats that contain nitrates
  3. Changes in sleep or lack of sleep
  4. Poor posture
  5. Skipped meals
  6. Stress

Secondary headaches

A secondary headache is a symptom of a disease that can activate the pain-sensitive nerves of the head. Any number of conditions — varying greatly in severity — may cause secondary headaches.

Possible causes of secondary headaches include:

  1. Acute sinusitis (nasal and sinus infection)
  2. Arterial tears (carotid or vertebral dissections)
  3. Blood clot (venous thrombosis) within the brain — separate from stroke
  4. Brain aneurysm (a bulge in an artery in your brain)
  5. Brain AVM (arteriovenous malformation) (arteriovenous malformation) — an abnormal formation of brain blood vessels
  6. Brain tumor
  7. Carbon monoxide poisoning
  8. Chiari malformation (structural problem at the base of your skull)
  9. Concussion
  10. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
  11. Dehydration
  12. Dental problems
  13. Ear infection (middle ear)
  14. Encephalitis (brain inflammation)
  15. Giant cell arteritis (inflammation of the lining of the arteries)
  16. Glaucoma (acute angle closure glaucoma)
  17. Hangovers
  18. High blood pressure (hypertension)
  19. Influenza (flu) and other febrile (fever) illnesses
  20. Intracranial hematoma
  21. Medications to treat other disorders
  22. Meningitis
  23. Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  24. Overuse of pain medication
  25. Panic attacks and panic disorder
  26. Persistent post-concussive symptoms (Post-concussion syndrome)
  27. Pressure from tight headgear, such as a helmet or goggles
  28. Pseudotumor cerebri
  29. Stroke
  30. Toxoplasmosis
  31. Trigeminal neuralgia (as well as other neuralgias, all involving irritation of certain nerves connecting the face and brain)

Some types of secondary headaches include:

  1. External compression headaches (a result of pressure-causing headgear)
  2. Ice cream headaches (commonly called brain freeze)
  3. Medication overuse headaches (caused by overuse of pain medication)
  4. Sinus headaches (caused by inflammation and congestion in sinus cavities)
  5. Spinal headaches (caused by low pressure or volume of cerebrospinal fluid, possibly the result of spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak, spinal tap or spinal anesthesia)
  6. Thunderclap headaches (a group of disorders that involves sudden, severe headaches with multiple causes)

11 thoughts on “Causes of all kinds of headaches?”

  1. There’s no proven causes, but it’s believed that dehydration, allergies, and stress are the main and most common causes.
    I’m not sure about different kinds of headaches…

  2. dehydration, stress, blood clots, standing up to quickly, walking into a cubbard door. Lots of things cause headaches.

  3. When you do not rest enough, you get headaches.

    When you are stressed from work, you get long-term headaches.

    I don’t really know the types but i believe that everyone has experienced headache at least once so we will know the consequences.

  4. I have found that eating or drinking a lot of caffeine containing products and suddenly stop will give me severe migraines.If your body is used to caffeine you can’t stop cold turkey. You decrease your intake gradually.

  5. Usually they are caused by sinus issues, or stress. It happens when the blood vessels in the head constrict due to something that triggers it, like stress. Some other things are drinking to much alcohol, brain tumors, to much caffeine, to much nicotine. With the sinus issue it is caused by pressure in the sinus cavities.

  6. Stress/Tension headaches, cause by stress or fatigue.

    Migraine Headaches, swelling of blood vessels in the brain
    ( I’ve had migraines the last 10 + yrs. with the last 5 being the worse. Having anywhere from 1 to 3 a month.) You can also get rebound headaches with in 2 days if you do not receive the proper treatment.(I found this out by experience)Since I can not take the migraine medication I have to get the injections. There are three different ones ,but I can only take two of them as the other will bring on the rebound headache.

    I believe there is also a Hormone/PMS headache it is similar to the migraine it is brought on by your menstrual cycle.

    Sinus Headaches, caused from sinus blockage.

    I am sure there are more then what I have listed.

    Anything can bring on headaches. Stress,colors, perfumes and colognes, allergies,heat, light, air fresheners, chemicals. hairsprays etc. Even something so simple as pulling your hair back into a pony tail can trigger a headache. There are so many things that can cause a headache.

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