How do I know have a sore head normal or Migraine? What is the difference? How to fix it?

How do I know have a lot of normal migraine or head? What is the difference? How to cure?

I still have problem to know whether I have a Migraine or just an ordinary headache. Of course I still have All kinds of Headache that can last for about 2-5 days. Ordinary drug such as acetaminophen (500 mg x 2) is not really effective for me.

It makes me a different drug as strong Ponstan (500mg) to reduce my headache. However, the analgesic could not last long, sometimes it works and sometimes not.

I just think sometimes my headache worse somehow not effective Ponstan and force me me another drug as sonap (275mg) to take the commonly used for migraine. It will mean having a headache or we have some degree of headache Best Answer:

answer dr death
aggravate migraines, you should consult a specialist

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