What are some natural ways to cure a headache?

What are some natural ways to cure a headache?
I have a bad headache in my forehead, right above my eyebrows. I heard if you cut a lime in half and rub it on your forehead, it will go away. But atm i dont have any limes. Haha, will a hotbath with a cold rag on my forehead work? What are some other natural cures?

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Answer by Rachael
Sit in a hot shower for about 15 minutes. That should clear it up if it’s sinus pressure related.

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Can anyone recognize this headache and suggest some natural remedies?

someone can identify and suggest some natural remedies these All kinds of Headache?

My uncle had a persistent headache over his head. Massaging makes things worse.

After he had heard of a trauma , “Can someone please tell me what a headache and perhaps the natural ways in which we cure a headache Thanks Best answer:.

Once the doctor has something that needs to be treated to eliminate excluded, drink plenty of fluids, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, lots of sleep, gentle exercise – they all can help to reduce the impact of such a headache. even though he feels stressed, Rescue Remedy is a natural product, just needs a few drops calmant.Mais have effect to the doctor.

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