Is Butalbital fioricet A Narcodic?

Is Butalbital fioricet the Narcodic?

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it depends somewhat of your definition of a narcotic. to be exact, narcotics are derivatives associated with opium. that is, morphine, Demerol, codeine & the like. butalbitol is a barbituate, not an opium derivative. however , since almost all barbituates are addicting in case taken for long periods and in large doses, many people lump them in with the particular “narcotics. ”

What is a Narcotic?

Before exploring if Fioricet is a narcotic, what is a narcotic? The term narcotic was at one point in history used to refer to any psychoactive substance that tended to induce sleep, but currently, in the U.S., it’s primarily associated with opioids including heroin, as well as prescription painkillers.
When you’re looking at the term narcotic in the legal sense, people often associate it with illegal drugs like heroin, but a narcotic can also be used to describe controlled substances such as painkillers that are regulated but available by prescription. In the U.S. there are classifications for various narcotics that define the penalties for possessing the illegally, including without a prescription. So, is Fioricet a narcotic?
As with other narcotics and prescription pain medicines, Fioricet has many warnings that accompany its use. First and foremost, this medicine can cause liver toxicity because of the acetaminophen.
It’s important that people realize that they should never take an excessive amount of acetaminophen in one day because it can lead to liver damage or failure. Also, while it may be somewhat lower than with other narcotics, there is the potential for abuse, addiction, and dependence with the use of barbiturates including butalbital.

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  1. It is technically a Barbiturate. But some come with codeine. A Narcotic in the real definition is an opiate. A pain reliever. NOT marijuana, cocaine or meths amphetamine like law enforcement refers all these drugs to be.

    Fioricet is great for migraine headaches.

  2. Used for migraine headaches it is not technically a narcotic because it doesn’t have an opiate ingredient. It is considered a barbiturate. The mix in butalbital is mostly acetaminophen and caffeine, sometimes *codeine depending on type.

    If you are concerned about the way it will make you feel when you take it, that can be best described as relaxed.
    The caffine in this pill is to enhance pain relief and the acetaminophen and*codeine for the pain and to calm, which is necessary with a migraine!!!!!

    Hope this helps!!

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