I take Wellbutrin, Alprazolam and Fioricet at the same time?

I can Wellbutrin, Alprazolam and Fioricet at the same time?
Or if not all the same time I usually take Wellbutrin every morning if needed alprazolam for anxiety and Fioricet if necessary. Is it safe Best Answer:

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Yes, that’s fine. In the future, call a pharmacist and ask. They are a wonderful resource for free information like this.

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2 thoughts on “I take Wellbutrin, Alprazolam and Fioricet at the same time?”

  1. Always take your medications as prescribed. If you have questions, call the pharmacist and / or doctor.

  2. Do not you talk to your psychiatrist and your GP about it? Always ask what the current medications you are, and you should have discussed with them. Also go see a pharmacist to be sure. There are certainly negative interactions between Wellbutrin and other 2.Alprazolam and Fioricet are sedatives and if they can be used with wellbutrin cause seizures. Wellbutrin may antagonize the central pharmacologic effects of Alprazolam and Fioricet may also decrease the plasma concentrations and pharmacologic effects of Wellbutrin.Donc, make sure your psychiatrist and family doctor and pharmacist – and you get all the facts from them. certainly can not take Alprazolam and Fioricet at the same time as Wellbutrin, you have before you take lit.Je ‘m on to Wellbutrin Klonopin (anti-anxiety as well, and a sedative drug). And I have to take Klonopin at night for the same reasons. Surely they can not in fact the same time.

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