How to get rid of a headache for 4 months?

How to get rid of a headache for 4 months?
My mom had a headache and a fever for 4 months straight, I dont know how to cure her, it’s due to stress, but do you guys know any home remedies aside from yoga, medicine, counselor, drugs, etc?

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Answer by Mr.K
I think she has migraines. A migraine is a severe headache that can affect other parts of the body – in addition to the great pain it can cause. The lingering effects can last as short as a few hours to continuing on for days.
Honey, Foods with Phenylalanine, Elderberries, avoid foods with tyramine, avoid nitrates, massage, thyme, flaxseed, good night’s sleep, vinegar, lemon coffee, avoid artificial sweeteners, niacin, rosemary, hairdryer, relaxation, veg juices, ice towel, magnesium, garlic and onion, bay, red pepper, vitamin C, ease up on coffee, ginger, stay out of sun, chamomile tea can cure migraines easily.

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