How to do quickly get rid of a headache?

How to do quickly get rid of a headache?
I get All kinds of Headache quite often and want to know any good ways to get rid of All kinds of Headache, and fast! I’m game for anything, whether medical or whether one of those old “myths”.

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Answer by Dove
Take a drink of whiskey

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  1. try drinking a couple glasses of water. The reason you may be getting headaches is because you might not be drinking enough water.

  2. Headache is caused by 1000 of causes, so do not think it is so simple. First find aout the cause and then only it shoud be treaated.

  3. Various things that work for me:

    2 BIG drinks of water
    A bowel movement (eat raisins?)
    Tylenol/Aspirin (makes your stomach bleed, though — ouch)

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